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937 -

Battle of Brunanburh

Though the place where Edward the Elder and his brother Edmund stopped a combined Scottish-Viking army has not been identified as yet, the battle has become well known. The West-Saxon victory was praised in a poem which was written into the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle under the year 937.

These are the first 10 lines of the poem:
Her æþelstan cyning,     eorla dryhten,
beorna beahgifa,     and his broþor eac,
Eadmund æþeling,     ealdorlangne tir
geslogon æt sæcce     sweorda ecgum
ymbe Brunanburh.     Bordweal clufan,
heowan heaþolinde     hamora lafan,
afaran Eadweardes,     swa him geæþele wæs
from cneomægum,     þæt hi æt campe oft
wiþ laþra gehwæne     land ealgodon,
hord and hamas.
Danelaw, Old English Period, Political, Vikings, Poetry, Literature