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827 871

Early Anglo-Saxon Kings

King Egbert of Wessex was the first king to expand his territories beyond his own kingdom. He was later succeeded by his son Æthelwulf, whose four sons became the following kings, the fourth of which was Alfred the Great.

After the Heptarchy, it is generally assumed that the first King to expand his kingdom was King Egbert of Wessex. He temporarily conquered the kingdom of Mercia, but eventually the Mercian king reclaimed his realm. However, Egbert also received the submission of the Northumbrian king, as well as being able to retain control of Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

Egbert died in 830 and was succeeded by his son Æthelwulf, who ruled from 839 to 857. The following four kings were all sons of Æthelwulf; Æthelbald who ruled from 857 to 860, Æthelbert who ruled from 860 to 866, Æthelred I who ruled from 866 to 871 (not to be confused with Æthelred the Unread) and finally Alfred, who ruled from 871 to 899 and was able to establish a stable, united kingdom that was able to withstand the Viking threat.
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