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1412 1431

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc became the heroine of her day when she successfully led French armies against the English. She had seen visions of saints and of God telling her to fight against the English; so she became an able military leader, very unusual for a girl of her time. Her wearing men's clothes made her easily suspicious to the Church, and so the English had no difficulties to finally accuse her as an heretic. She was burnt in May 1431, but her death was largely a political act.

Under Joan of Arc, the French forces freed Orléans, defeated the English and drove them north. Charles VII was crowned king at Reims in the same year. Joan of Arc was later captured by the Burgundians and sold to the English. In 1431, she was burnt at the stake as a relapsed heretic at Rouen. Her royal patron, Charles VII, regained control over the territories once conceded to the English, entered into an alliance with the House of Burgundy in 1435, thus smashing the support of the English, and took Paris in the following year.
100 Years War, Middle English Period, Religious, Political, History